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Why this E-Bike is our fan-favorite and proven performer for your commute

Review for Commuter Electric Bicycle

Date: July 11, 2022 Written by: Great Life Fitness From: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vibe Ride, an extension of Great Life Fitness, is now offering a broad selection of electric bikes and electric scooters. The Yellow Premium E-Bike has received excellent feedback and has established itself as a fan-favorite. This article will outline the key differentiators that make this e-bike tick: battery and range, comfort, electric-power assist, and design:


Having limited range and weak-battery life is a common misconception looming over electric bikes and scooters. Yes, the Yellow Premium E-Bike loses its charge quicker on uphill treks; however, its accurate display gives you feedback on its true range (within a kilometer) which makes sure you are never left stranded. Of course, the bike can be operated without electrical assistance and offers 21-speed gear ratios optimizing any type of adventure. The range for the e-bike is listed as follows: Electric Power-Assist 50-60KM, Pure Electric 30-35KM.


The Yellow Premium E-Bike utilizes fat tires to ensure a nice, comfortable ride. Wider tires typically result in more resistance but the natural give and take between range and comfort makes it a worthy tradeoff. It is equipped with a rack on the back that is great for storage and unlike most in its class, the Yellow Premium E-Bike takes advantage of a handheld throttle which positively combats the on-thumb standard. Its sturdier frame, comfy seat, and well-balanced battery location makes for an enjoyable ride.

Electric Power-Assist/Pure Assist

Electric Power-Assist/Pure Assist can be managed at five different levels creating a multitude of unique riding combinations that can be used to aid uphill climbs and be reduced for easy downhill descents. Its variety is not limited by electric ramifications, having an equal amount of varying gear ratios that can be altered to suit the needs of any terrain or slope.


The sleek paint and finish makes the Yellow Premium E-bike stand out from its competitors. A standard 26”-wheeled bike would normally keep you low to the ground, but the fat tire allows you to sit higher than expected, capitalizing on its larger frame and making it easy for all to enjoy.


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