A Never Ending Adventure

Technological advancements have facilitated unique improvements enhancing the way we enjoy the outdoors. The core of these advancements are produced by e-Bikes! Vibe Ride is here to give you the opportunity to explore like never before.

For those who enjoy the downhill breeze but not the uphill grind, we finally have the answer. Maintaining the standard set by the traditional bike, the areas of improvement are limitless - advancing aspects of comfort, geographical availability, physical fitness, reliability, and quality. All adventure goals are now within reach!

Each individual has access to multiple levels of assistance that can be used to map out their own vision for their adventure. Friends and family will feel empowered, bringing fun to the outdoors.

Vibe Ride is a family owned and operated business. Our mission is to provide a variety of e-Bikes that will allow everyone to escape into a never ending adventure. It is time to keep riding and keep vibing together.

Rick St. Pierre

Owner / Operator

In fitness industry since 1998